Thursday, 7 June 2012

A lot has happened

The wedding was wonderful, it all went well, the bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, the sun shone, the multilanguage ceremony worked; a truly lovely day. I was quite chuffed to have a couple of people congratulate me on my reading of the text, something I enjoy doing; especially when the text is "and the greatest of these is love"
And I managed to half disguise my sling, and spend some time with some of my children, and my granddaughter.

I also had the lovely surprise that Calder was there. I hadn't been expecting him, but he came to help with the liasing, with Caroline. I was very proud of them both, they certainly took some of the pressure off the bride and groom, especially on the day itself.

Sunday it poured with rain, and whilst the bbq was cooked outside, eating took place inside. Les Dames is just made for parties, and Kate and Hugh are such wonderful hosts. It was hard to leave at 4pm, to get back to the clinic as my permission ran out at 6.

Monday was not the best of days. The weather was still poor, so no walk in the morning, physio started with the hard work, active exercises. That means moving the shoulder, and that is not without a certain amount of pain. Sport was fine, two other "shoulder" ladies, however I wasn't as efficient as I had been last week.

And I was feeling down after the excitement of the wedding, having kept myself busy with that. I could see the weeks stretching in front of me, without the pleasure of a fun weekend on the horizon.

Then Jacques texted me. His mum had had a bad fall. She has 3 fractures, and a nasty bump to the head, with some bleeding on the brain. At her age, almost 95, it really doesn't look too hopeful at all.

I feel stuck here, when I ought to be out there supporting Jacques. But since I can't, the best thing I can do is concentrate on getting as fit as possible as soon as possible.He said he is no longer worried about me as I really am in the best place.

So now we are just waiting.

And here is a shot of my scar taken last weekend. You can also note the half tanned arm, I have to cover the scar completely when I am in the sun, which I do with a scarf, which in turn leads to a rather fetching two tone effect......

As I said, I should have started walking on Monday, but it was too wet. Even with two good legs, one arm out of action puts the balance off, and Julien (the sports chap) doesn't want to have his patients with even more injuries! Tuesday we went out with another shoulder lady, but she found the hills a bit hard and decided that once was enough.Wednesday it was pouring with rain, so again, no walking; however we managed a nice little walk today. Not only is it good for me both physically and mentally, it also is an occupation, and keeps me busy.

Physio is now very  "active" not jusy "passive", and that really ups the ante. It takes a lot of sophro and breathing through the pain when Johanna lifts my shoulder, or moves it to the side! I know that this is for my good, even if it hurts at the moment. And the better I can cope, the sooner I'll be out of pain (and able to type with two hands!)

Johanna has also said I can start the pool. I'm rather looking forward to that, even if Jacques has said it only needs a little pool for me, as being able to swim with only one arm means that I'll just go round in circles (grrr) Unfair and untrue, even if faintly amusing.

The sport is continuing finr. I'm up tp 20 mins warm up on the bike, and increasing the reps and then weight on the machines.

And that is more or less where I am for the moment..............................;;

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